Sunday, February 10, 2008

How to configure BSNL Broabband Connection as truely Always On using Siemens C2110 ADSL Modem?

i have got my latest broadband connection from Calcutta Telephones(BSNL in Calcutta).They have given Siemens C2110 ADSL modem.This modem requires USB as well as Ethernet card unlike previous modems which worked either on USB or Ethernet. I have configured ADSL modem in ALWAYS ON (by storing UserID/password in Modem) so that i need not to connect from WINDOWS/LINUX.Dialing PPOE client from Windows XP was never been a problem but Linux is a bit shy from USB stuff,so i was a bit worried in Linux environment.Once i have configured modem,i was sure that as soon as Modem gets power it will establish connection irrespective of OS.Modem is working like router in pure PPPoE way unlike dialing from OS where it works as a bridge.THERE IS NO NEED TO CONFIGURE ANY NETWORK CONNECTION IN WINDOWS XP(or installing PPPoE client in Linux).I am so lazy,you know.


Once you have properly connected USB as well Ethernet Card into modem,type in your browser.Login page will appear.Login as admin and default password is admin.Follow the following steps :-

(I assume internet is not connected in your PC and you have been intimated User Name and Password from BSNL.)

1) Configuration -->Internet

2) PPPoE_0_35 will appear in the right panel.If it does not come automatically,click on add and accept all the default parameters and keep on clicking Next till it ask for user Name and Password.

3)if PPPoE_0_35 appears,click on connect.Accept all the default perameters.Pls ensure that VPI is 0 and VC1 is 35.These values are defaulted too.So nothing to worry.

4)Clicking on Next will bring "Configure Connection Type" screen.Accept the default settings.It should be PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE).Click on Next.

5)If your Broadband settings is thru then, It Will show Some WAN IP Address.Accept the defaults and click on Next.

6)Next screen is "Configure Broadband User Name and Password".Its the only STEP where your intervention is required.Type Broadband User Name and Password provided by BSNL.You can also choose other options too like Always on OR Dial on Demand OR Manually Connect. I will suggest you to choose the default(Always On).Click Next.

7) Next is the summary page.Just have a glance and Click Apply.

In a nutshell,all the default parameters WORK well.You just have to provide User Name and Password and it will be REALLY ALWAYS NO Internet without any PPPoE client.