Wednesday, September 12, 2007

DDS-4 20/40 GB stores 20 GB data NOT 40 GB

Today, i came to know that 20/40 GB(150 mm) DDS-4 tape stores roughly around 20 GB data.Hardware or software compression may not be very useful.So beware,DDS-4 will store only 20 GB data not 40 GB as i was thinking.
After seeing from the log that tar command is not sucessful and tape is not getting ejected automatically,i sensed that something was wrong.I can not recall the exact error message but it was something related to less storage available on tape.
As the users data are getting increased,we need to think on this front too.For the time being,i used -M switch in tar command (it allows more than one tape cartridges).
tar -cvMf /dev/st0 /home.Please be aware that software zipping (Z )will not work with multi volume.

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